B.A.M on Twitter

Posted by Kyle On 5 - 25 - 2009

B.A.M is now on Twitter! Be Sure to check the new B.A.M Twitter page or for the latest Tweets look right below the Featured Content section...

Bruno Trailer

Posted by Kyle On 4 - 3 - 2009

Ishum gunna watch the new Red Band trailer for Bruno? Be sure to check out B.A.M's "Featured Videos" section for movie related humor and the latest movie trailers. This weeks new addition is the new Bruno trailer from Red Band...

Shouldn't be forgotten movie: Super Mario Brothers

Posted by Kyle On 4 - 3 - 2009

For the next installment of "Shouldn't be forgotten movie" I choose 1993's amazing video game remake Super Mario Brothers...

10 movies there will never be a sequel to

Posted by Kyle N. On 2 - 24 - 2009

In this decade of sequels I got to thinking of movies that are safe from being continued in a sequel. I decided on the following ten movies that there will never be a sequel to. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if they found a way to...

The new source of movie remakes

Posted by Kyle On 3 - 5 - 1009

As I see more and more movies coming out that are remakes of past books, comics or movies...I wonder. What will be the next source of pre-created stories or characters that Hollywood will tap into? I believe what sparked this pondering was the announcement of movie remakes of Hasbro toys...

Super Mario Bros. was one of the first video game remakes and to this day is by far the best. Creativity doesn't even begin to describe the use of all aspects of the video game in 1993 classic. If you haven't been living under a rock for decades then you know the basic plot of Mario, the movie definitely adds alot to the story but still keeps the basics intact. Mario and Luigi Mario (played by Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo) run a plumbing company and after befriending paleontologist Daisy find themselves in an underground world, Dino World, when King Koopa sends his two henchmen to kidnap Daisy. I'm laughing while writing this because there's no way of describing it without it sounding like some animated Disney movie, but trust me it's very much the opposite (watch the trailer below). Director Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton did a fantastic job turning the game we all love into a bad ass comedy/action that "Shouldn't Be Forgotten".

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