B.A.M on Twitter

Posted by Kyle On 5 - 25 - 2009

B.A.M is now on Twitter! Be Sure to check the new B.A.M Twitter page or for the latest Tweets look right below the Featured Content section...

Bruno Trailer

Posted by Kyle On 4 - 3 - 2009

Ishum gunna watch the new Red Band trailer for Bruno? Be sure to check out B.A.M's "Featured Videos" section for movie related humor and the latest movie trailers. This weeks new addition is the new Bruno trailer from Red Band...

Shouldn't be forgotten movie: Super Mario Brothers

Posted by Kyle On 4 - 3 - 2009

For the next installment of "Shouldn't be forgotten movie" I choose 1993's amazing video game remake Super Mario Brothers...

10 movies there will never be a sequel to

Posted by Kyle N. On 2 - 24 - 2009

In this decade of sequels I got to thinking of movies that are safe from being continued in a sequel. I decided on the following ten movies that there will never be a sequel to. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if they found a way to...

The new source of movie remakes

Posted by Kyle On 3 - 5 - 1009

As I see more and more movies coming out that are remakes of past books, comics or movies...I wonder. What will be the next source of pre-created stories or characters that Hollywood will tap into? I believe what sparked this pondering was the announcement of movie remakes of Hasbro toys...

"Still Waiting..." DVD review

Posted by Kyle N. On 3:24 PM
Writer Rob McKittrick and Jeff Balis, except as director, team up for the sequel to 2005's Waiting. Right off the back I can say that this is not like most straight to DVD movies, it's actually good. It's filled with the dirty jokes and inappropriate comments that can only follow a movie like Waiting. Filmmakers did a fantastic job developing a new plot while keeping the same formula for comedy used in the 1st film and the incorporation of the old characters into the story without being a few quick corny cameos (alliteration unintended) was also well done. On the downside, the sequel and the original are practically identical. Although the plot is entirely different; characters, certain scenes and the idea of "the game" is. Thankfully though the comedy also copies over. Steve Howey's character Agnew acts as the clone of Ryan Reynolds character from the first. It's obvious that Agnew is supposed to be less of the like able jerk and more of just a jerk but it doesn't translate and you end up liking his mean, sarcastic attitude. John Micheal Higgins character Dennis is the current manager of Shenanigans after Dan left for corporate. I have yet to be disappointed by a performance from John Higgins and this is no different. My only problem is that his improvisational talent wasn't shown enough until you get to the DVD special features. Much like the first DVD this one provides an in depth featurette telling the story of how Still Waiting came to be, hilarious bloopers and intersting commentary from McKittrick and Balis.

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