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Posted by Kyle On 5 - 25 - 2009

B.A.M is now on Twitter! Be Sure to check the new B.A.M Twitter page or for the latest Tweets look right below the Featured Content section...

Bruno Trailer

Posted by Kyle On 4 - 3 - 2009

Ishum gunna watch the new Red Band trailer for Bruno? Be sure to check out B.A.M's "Featured Videos" section for movie related humor and the latest movie trailers. This weeks new addition is the new Bruno trailer from Red Band...

Shouldn't be forgotten movie: Super Mario Brothers

Posted by Kyle On 4 - 3 - 2009

For the next installment of "Shouldn't be forgotten movie" I choose 1993's amazing video game remake Super Mario Brothers...

10 movies there will never be a sequel to

Posted by Kyle N. On 2 - 24 - 2009

In this decade of sequels I got to thinking of movies that are safe from being continued in a sequel. I decided on the following ten movies that there will never be a sequel to. Although, I wouldn't be surprised if they found a way to...

The new source of movie remakes

Posted by Kyle On 3 - 5 - 1009

As I see more and more movies coming out that are remakes of past books, comics or movies...I wonder. What will be the next source of pre-created stories or characters that Hollywood will tap into? I believe what sparked this pondering was the announcement of movie remakes of Hasbro toys...

You Know What's Annoying?

Posted by Kyle N. On 8:41 PM
Just thought I'd go off on a quick rant about some things that doesn't just get on my last nerve, but gets on, sexually assaults it, steals all of its money and gives it a black eye.

"That Show"
Everyone has heard this before but you might not have realized it, my girlfriend does this all the time, when someone calls a movie a "show". Let me give an example:
Me: Tom Hanks is my favorite actor
My Girlfriend: Ya, he was really good in that SHOW with the volleyball

The Office is a show, Heroes is a show, Cast Away is MOVIE (film or talking picture show is also acceptable).

Everyone In The Theater But Me
I know that's selfish and kinda self centered but it's true...I know you feel the same way. I will find something that distracts me from my movie every time I go. When I see a movie I really like to get lost in the movie and for a few hours just become oblivious to the world. Not just the normal talkng or candy wrappers annoy me, that's just childs play. Here's a list:
1.)People who go to the movies sick and sniffle and cough the whole time. I'm guilty of doing this but still, I'm tempted to go the local pharmacy and come back.
2.)People who repeat every funny line in a movie. If the punchline is "to get to the other side" they would laugh ludly and in the midst of their chuckle that makes me wish I liked T.V. more than movies they will repeat "the other side".
3.)People who text! Although I appreciate their attempt to not interupt the movie with them talking, instead I now have blueish glow in my peripherals which only make it easier for them, and everyone else, to see me beat them over the head with their phone that costs more than my car.
This all leads me to my next one...

The theater by my house is an extremely nice one and since there is nothing else to do in town, every Friday it gets swarmed with kids ranging from 13 to 17 (think of Gremlins except they multiply regardless of what time you feed them or if they touch water). One memory that sticks in my mind was when I saw the Grudge 2. For those of who spent your money wisely I'll exlain as much as possible. Throughout the whole movie is quick shots of "cat boys" feet and hands to scare the audience. Now I'm sure that you, like me, are saying right now "what the f***?". Everytime a scene like this went across the screen I regreted my life decisions more and more but that was quickly interupted by scream of about a hundred 14 year old girls screaming like the Jonas Brother took off their purity rings. One word came to mind...grenade. I'll end with this, I haven't seen a PG-13 movie on a weekend since.

Pay Attention!
Everyone knows, wants to murder, this person. They people that ask every two minutes for you to summarize the plot up to this point. Now, I can understand if I took my girlfriend to see Sin City or maybe someone unfamiliar with Star Wars to see those fims, but if you have to ask me half way through Armagedon what's going on I'm going to assume that you wear a helmet when you're not around me. IT'S SIMPLE, ASTEROID'S COMING, THEIR TRYING TO STOP IT!!! Every time you buy a movie ticket it should come with Cliff Notes for people like that.

I'm Not Ready For My Close Up
This one might be a little wierd but I can't stand a scene in movie where camera is 3 inches away from the actors face. I very rarely find a close up that I think was nessasary. This is especially true when there's two poeple talking in the scene, and instead of zomming out and showing both talking it goes back and forth from close up to close up of them talking to each other. If I wanted to see their face that close I would stalk them.

That Guy From That Movie
A little less common but I see it all the time. This is people who when refering to an actor will compare them only to their last movie, which usually ends up their worst. For example (if talking about Samuel L. Jackson), this person would say:
"Oh, the guy from Snakes on a Plane? Then they would say the "I'm tired of the motherf***in snakes" line.

Yes! Him, not the guy who played the ultimate badass in Pulp Fiction and lets forget his amazing performance in The Caveman's Valentine...he's the motherf***in snakes guy, now if you'll excuse me I'm going to find something hard to hit you with.

Honarable Mentions:
People who commantate every preview
People who immediatly say their opinions of the movie the second it ends
People who laugh at every single joke, even if it sucks
People who like the book better than the movie
People who tell you they like the book better than the movie
People who try to explain to you why the book is better than the movie(ok I'm done now)
People who want to leave in the middle of the bloopers

What annoys you? Leave a comment and let me know.

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